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A social platform for inclusive voting

More than 25 % of the Swiss population are not allowed to vote. gives these people the chance for direct political participation by providing meetings with persons entitled to vote. Through a dialogue, the ballot paper can then be filled out together. The system includes blockchain technology for secure and independent operation.

The platform offers an original and bold approach to revive interest and engagement in the democratic voting process. The project offers the possibility for two strangers to meet – one who can vote but may not be interested in voting and a person who is not allowed to vote but would like to be more involved in political debates as a resident of Switzerland. A website allows both persons to safely make an appointment in a public place and guides them through a discussion on the current voting topic, and as the discussion ends, they can then decide whether or not to cast a ballot together.

Daniel Holler & Vinzenz Leutenegger

Project Type:
BA diploma project, Subject Area in Interaction Design