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With automation disrupting centuries-old industries, the professional must reshape and expand their service to add value. Failure is a mindset. It is those who empower themselves with technology who will thrive.

«Merger» is a new film about the future of work, from cult director/designer Keiichi Matsuda. Set against the backdrop of AI-run corporations, a tele-operator finds herself caught between virtual and physical reality, human and machine. As she fights for her economic survival, she finds herself immersed in the cult of productivity, in search of the ultimate interface. This short film documents her last 4 minutes on earth.

Keiichi Matsuda is an interaction designer and filmmaker. His work explores the collision of physical and virtual, as society and technology merge, and new realities are born. Keiichi’s practice combines concept filmmaking and interaction design for XR, to critically explore the future of everyday life. His work has been widely exhibited, from the MoMA to the V&A, as well as attaining viral success online.

Keiichi Matsuda

Project Type:



Sarah Winter
Gary Fannin (the technician)
Simone Zaltron (the client)

Sound and Music:

Costume Design:
Gabriela Yiaxis

Hair & Makeup Design:
Wakana Yoshihara

Additional Effects:
Jasper Stevens
Raymond Bray

Additional Design:
Sam Lucas
David Rieser

Nicholas Wood

Props by:
Julian Nagel
Andre Gilbert

Produced by:
Guy Walker

Casting by:
Aisha Walters
Anna McAuley

Director of Photography:
John Lindquist

Camera Operator:
Daniel Chaytor

1st Assistant Camera:
Christopher Spurdens

Kit Wood

Mike Johnson

Lighting assistant:
Max Jedwab

Key grip:
John McSweeny

DIT Services:
Stephen Evans Jr

Liboni Munnings

© Merger. Keiichi Matsuda. 2019.
© Merger. Keiichi Matsuda. 2019.
© Merger. Keiichi Matsuda. 2019.
© Merger. Keiichi Matsuda. 2019.