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My Exercise

Let's do sit-ups

«My Exercise» is the first experimental game of Atushi Wada. The protagonist of the game is a boy who is doing situps all day long in the good company of his dog.

Born in 1980, Atsushi Wada studied at Osaka Kyoiku University, the Image Forum Institute of Moving Image and Tokyo University of the Arts. In 2002 he began to create short animated works on his own. He is interested in flowing movements and follows a traditional Japanese concept called «Ma», which describes the tension between movements. In 2010 his short film «In a Pig's Eye» was nominated in Zagreb, Annecy, Hiroshima, Ottawa and Fantoche and won «Best Film». In the same year «The Mechanism of Spring» premiered at the Venice Film Festival; in 2012 «The Great Rabbit» won the Silver Bear at the Berlinale.

Atsushi Wada

Concept and Animation:
Atsushi Wada

Ryoya Usuha

Nobuaki Doi (New Deer)

Playables (Michael Frei & Mario von Rickenbach)


© My exercise. Atushi Wada.
© My exercise. Atushi Wada.
© My exercise. Atushi Wada.
© My exercise. Atushi Wada.