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Nothing rather than anything!

Absolutely everything now stands at our entire disposal. Always available, just a click away. Constant exposure to advertising, shopping opportunities, trends, sale signs, in the physical world as well as in the digital one.

Not to consume is more difficult than doing it. It takes a proactive decision and action to refrain from it. Opting in is the default state.

In our over-marketed capitalistic economy, where everything is staged, polished, presented as the trend - and then sold. To follow through this selling and buying crave, we also have something amazing to sell; nothing.

The platform wishes stimulate thinking about one's own - saturated - consumption habits and raise the question: What do I need to be happy?

Sebastian Bayer, Fabian Ellenberger & Mona Neubauer

Project Type:
Interaction Design, Experimental design, Graphic Design, Web-based experience