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Truth Detectives – True crime with real content

Use your gamer skills to uncover the truth on human rights abuses and war crimes and learn to apply them to actual conflicts.

All around the world, citizens, activists and journalists collect evidence of human rights violations by using mobile devices to film and photograph their experiences. This material is shared almost in real time on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. Using open source intelligence (OSINT) methods such as geolocation tracking, satellite imagery and metadata analysis, digital investigators sift through this flood of images, footage and testimonies, in hopes of gathering evidence to hold perpetrators of war crimes and human rights violations accountable.

This game puts you into the shoes of one of these activists – a truth detective. You have to find out whether several bombings of hospitals in Syria are collateral damage or a systematic attack against the civilian population and therefore a war crime. «Truth Detectives» trains you to become a full–fledged OSINT investigator and apply open source fact-finding methodologies to investigate real war crimes. You gather experience by reconstructing the crime scene with freely available online data. Piece by piece you solve the puzzle to find out what happened and who is responsible, preparing you to join and support activist networks worldwide — unfortunately, the reasons to do so are many.

Raphael Perret & Anja Reiss


John Klima (Coding)
Jann Anderegg (Video Editing / Dramaturgy)


10-15 minutes

Prototype Serious Game for PC

Studio ZB


Gallery 2: 5.K09 (level 5)

Screenshot «Truth Detectives». © Studio ZB.
Screenshot «Truth Detectives». © Studio ZB.
Screenshot «Truth Detectives». © Studio ZB.
Screenshot «Truth Detectives». © Studio ZB.
Poster for «Truth Detectives». © Studio ZB.
Poster for «Truth Detectives». © Studio ZB.