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Morphogenic Angels

«Morphogenic Angels», Keiken’s current ongoing worldbuilding project, is an ever-evolving universe set 1000 years from now, unfolding in a radically different time and space that transcends our current political, societal, financial and subjective reality. It explores a future where people have gained post-human capabilities through the organic reengineering of their cells, therefore tapping into non-human consciousness. In this future world, post-human entities are now considered «Angels», and they value and draw from all kinds of consciousness; ancestral, bodily, extraterrestrial, as well as animal, nature, cellular, and the cosmos.

Audiences may interact with the «Morphogenic Angels» universe through a single-player game, which can also be viewed like a film during gameplay. Everything in Morphogenic Angels is in simulation mode, so the screening is always live and responding to the choices of the player.


Creative direction:
Tanya Cruz, Hana Omori and Isabel Ramos (Keiken)

Programming, Game Design and Technical Direction:
Limbo Tech

Visual Effects, Art Direction &amp:
Game Design: Mati Bratkowski

Carlos Minozzi

Music and Sound Design:

Environment Creation, Concept &amp Design:
00 Zhang

Motion Capture Movement:
Sophie Mars

Voice Actor - Yaxu:
Tanya Cruz
Voice Actor - Anamt’u’ul:
Claire O’Leary
Voice Actor - Yaxu Ancestor 1:
Helen Cruz
Voice Actor - Yaxu Ancestor 2:
Chema Cruz
Voice Actor - Narrator:
Elvera Avery

Additional Visual Effects:
Clifford Sage

360 VR and CGI Video Visuals:
George Jasper Stone

Studio Management:
Hekátē Studios (Dominic Lauren, Vaso Papadopoulou, Aristea Rellou)

Project Production:
Alexander Boyes

Prototype support thanks to C/O Berlin.
With thanks to Somerset House Studios, DCMS and Arts Council England.


Simulation and gameplay export from video game

Production Partners:
«Chapter 1» of Morphogenic Angels commissioned and produced by Keiken and HAU Hebbel Am Ufer


Gallery 1: 4.K13 (level 4)

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Game still from «Morphogenic Angels». © Keiken.
Game still from «Morphogenic Angels». © Keiken.
Game still from «Morphogenic Angels». © Keiken.
Game still from «Morphogenic Angels». © Keiken.
Game still from «Morphogenic Angels». © Keiken.
Game still from «Morphogenic Angels». © Keiken.