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«Mountain» is a Nature Simulation game for desktop & iOS. It is an ambient procedural game, featuring little interactivity from the player. Upon starting the game, the player is asked to draw responses to a series of questions, described by the artist as «more psychologically invasive than anything Facebook wants to know about you». The game uses that input to generate a model of a mountain, floating in space, surrounded by a small sphere of atmosphere. While the player can rotate the view around the mountain and zoom in and out, they cannot affect the mountain in any way. Over the course of the game, the mountain slowly rotates as accelerated time progresses through day and night cycles and through seasonal changes: the player will see snow form and melt on the mountain, and plants trees grow and wither out. Randomly, the mountain may be hit by everyday objects, which then become embedded in the mountain indefinitely. The mountain periodically offers its thoughts to the player as the game progresses. After around fifty hours while the game has been running, the mountain meets its fate when it crashes into a passing giant star, ending the game, at which point the player can start the game over with a new mountain.

David OReilly


Double Fine Productions



Aktionsraum: 5.K06 (level 5)

Screenhot «Mountain». © David OReilly, 2018.
Screenhot «Mountain». © David OReilly, 2018.
Screenhot «Mountain». © David OReilly, 2014.
Screenhot «Mountain». © David OReilly, 2014.
Screenhot «Mountain». © David OReilly, 2014.
Screenhot «Mountain». © David OReilly, 2014.