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A 3D foldable applicator tool for the insertion of implantable medical devices in protective envelopes.

The main cause of complications with pacemakers is scar tissue surrounding the implant. Hylomate – a biosynthetic, natural material in the form of a pouch developed by the company Hylomorph – prevents this scarring.

The soft and foldable application tool 3FOLD enables a contactless and expedited application of the material in the operating room. In this way, an advanced material is made accessible, which improves the patient's quality of life and reduces the associated healthcare costs.

Laurin Schaffner & Benjamin Josi

Hylomorph AG – Aldo Ferrari, Simone Bottan, Francesco Robotti
ZHdK Industrial Design – Nicole Kind, Lisa Ochsenbein


Innosuisse Research Project

Visualization Partners:
ROLI Deluxe (CGI), Mirjam Skal (Audio), Hansruedi Rohrer (Photography)


Gallery 1: 4.K13 (level 4)

3FOLD Rendering. © ZHdK.
3FOLD Rendering. © ZHdK.
Filmstill of the Surgical Procedure. © ZHdK.
Filmstill of the Surgical Procedure. © ZHdK.
3FOLD Prototype-Series. © ZHdK.
3FOLD Prototype-Series. © ZHdK.