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print my sleep

«print my sleep» makes the inconspicuous and unconscious of sleep visible and translates it into dysfunctional objects. As an aesthetic alternative, print my sleep frees sleep from the paradigm of optimization and idealization and gives it back some of its original intimacy.

Ever since it has become the subject of economic and social debate, sleep has not found peace. Whether transfigured into a post-material luxury good, hailed as a tool for increasing efficiency or cursed as a waste of time - there is hardly any other topic where social norms and collective longings are as evident today as in sleep.

Using individual sleep data such as pulse, oxygen saturation and movement, ceramic sculptures are created in 3D printing, each of which symbolizes a sleep phase. The materiality of the ceramic behaves in a similar way to sleep: the process itself requires time and patience, and the result remains uncontrollable, despite all targeted efforts.

Rafael Gil Cordeiro

Cooperation partner:
Kevin Hinz


Subject Area:
BA Trends & Identity, ZHdK

Performative installation



print my sleep
print my sleep
print my sleep
print my sleep
print my sleep