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Journey to Recovery

Sleep and recovery go hand in hand. With the aim of improving children’s quality of sleep, this project developed a sound-enabled sleep device, to be worn every evening. Despite the health benefits of sleep therapy, children often terminate it early because they find it repetitive and boring. «Journey to Recovery» employs a playful approach which uses an app to combine sleep therapy with a fascinating story. Every evening, the children can unlock narrative chapters and learn something new about sleep. On their journey to recovery, they can thus experience a sleep therapy which motivates, entertains and informs them.

Claudia and Randy established a collaboration with the SleepLoop research team at University of Zurich and ETH Zurich on their own initiative. By applying subject area-specific methods and skills to this joint work, they clearly demonstrated the added value of their field of expertise. They consistently continued to develop their project through collaborative processes involving children, the potential users, as well as stakeholders such as parents, doctors and therapists. Implementing AR technology in their application, they have pointed out an innovative path for therapeutic medical interventions.

Claudia Buck & Randy Chen

Cooperation partners:
SleepLoop, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich


Subject Area:
BA Interaction Design, ZHdK

Sleep and Recovery App



Journey to Recovery
Journey to Recovery
Journey to Recovery