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Yasaman Sheri

Olfactory Commons

The invisible molecules that do much shape and define our everyday interactions not only have been neglected but rarely designed for diversity that go beyond perfume and chemical industry. Smell speaks to us of memory making, nostalgia, trauma, desire and even navigation. What new forms of interaction might we imagine and explore when it comes to smell?

In this workshop, participants will engage in tracking, picture making and recording on «The Great Smell Walk of Meat Packing». In groups, they will have the opportunity to explore new vocabulary, finding new forms of representation and communication in olfaction. Through hands on exercises, they will engage in prototyping collective ideation and design olfactory futures with contemporary topics and 21 century contexts of urgency including global warming and diversity with the goal of documenting an olfactory code of interaction.

Workshop lead:
Yasaman Sheri

September 28th, 10:00 am

4.K15 (level 4)




Yasaman Sheri