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Tobias Gremmler

Creating Digital Magic

The Hong Kong based visual artist Tobias Gremmler will offer insights into his unique way of creating digital 3D characters and complex visualizations for modern and traditional art forms. Case studies of phenomenal visualizations for traditional Kung Fu artists as well as stunning virtual characters for a Chinese Opera project will be followed by his recent work for Björk and the visualizations for the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Tobias Gremmler has worked in both the East and the West. In his live performance «Dancing Digital», which will be shown at REFRESH #2 on Thursday, September 26th, 2019, he has worked with the interplay of Eastern and Western design concepts.

Tobias Gremmler started his career as a media artist and designer in the early 90s. He has participated in numerous theatrical and artistic productions around the world. Based on his involvement in cultural projects, film productions, and new media events, he has gained an impressive level of specialized skills that have allowed him to successfully embark on the cross-media development of digital design solutions.

Workshop lead:
Tobias Gremmler

September 28th, 2019; 10am-1pm

3.E03 (level 3)


Tobias Gremmler on Vimeo
Tobias Gremmler's interpretation of Björk's Tabula Rasa on YouTube


© Björk. Tabula Rasa. 2019.
© Björk. Tabula Rasa. 2019.
Tobias Gremmler
Tobias Gremmler