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Galit Ariel

Tomorrow/Today. Your everyday immersive life

This hands-on workshop is meant to create speculative design solutions and applications of immersive technologies in an engaging and fun way.

Workshop goals:
- Participants a quick introduction to immersive tech technologies and their applications.
- In a (small) group setup participants would use design thinking to explore different possibilities for immersive tech integration in everyday life.
- Participants would prototype their immersive concept and receive feedback.

Workshop lead:
Galit Ariel

September 28th, 2019, 10:00 am

4.T09 (level 4)

Target Group:
AR curious, Students, Executives, Creatives, Brand Strategists, Marketers



© Augmenting Alice. Photo: Maarten Kadiks.
© Augmenting Alice. Photo: Maarten Kadiks.