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Accessibility Toni-Areal


Zurich University of the Arts
Pfingstweidstrasse 96
8003 Zurich

With Tram 4 to the stop Toni-Areal


As seats are limited for keynotes, masterclasses and lab insights we kindly like to ask you to order a free ticket on our platform in advance. Access can only be guaranteed with a valid ticket. If you need assistance while ordering your tickets please contact us. We also provide support with the ordering of tickets on-site at the reception at the main hall of Toni-Areal.

For the visually-impaired

Arrival by public transport
Tram 4 to the stop Toni-Areal
Tactile-visual guidelines

Tactile-visual guidelines lead from the streetcar stop Toni-Areal Pfingstweidstrasse over the stair ramp and further to the main access routes in the building:
- to the reception
- to the cascade/lift K
- to the tower/elevator T

Tactile-visual lettering
- Lettering of important destinations
- Floor lettering on handrails
- Lift lettering

Download Map barrier-free orientation: here

For people with restricted mobility

Arrival by public transport
Tram 4 to the stop Toni-Areal
Distance to the building under 200m, no obstacles

Arrival by car
Enter the Toni-Areal parking lot via Förrlibuckstrasse 109.
Wheelchair parking spaces no. 249 and no. 268 in parking level P2.

Building access
- Main entrance Pfingstweidstrasse Level 3
- Access via elevator R under entrance stairs Level 2
- Access via stair ramp from summer 2018
- Entrance via tower, elevator T Level 2
- Entrance Förrlibuckstrasse via ramp incline 12%.

Automated doors
The majority of the building is equipped with automated doorways. Passages without automated doors are marked with a yellow cross on the site plans.

The site plans with marking of all non-automated doors are available at the reception/level 3 or as a downloadable digital document.

For the hearing-impaired

Event rooms with inductive hearing systems

Lecture hall 1 3.K01
Lecture hall 2 3.K02
Cinema 3.G02
Classroom 6.B02
Lecture hall 3 6.T47
Concert Hall 1 7.K05
Concert hall 3 7.K12

Site plans with marking of the rooms
Available at the reception/level 3 or as a downloadable digital document.

Please reach out to us if you would like to join and prefer to use the induction loop at the Cinema 3.G02.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further questions regarding the accessibility of the festival.