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Initiated by the Department of Design and the Immersive Arts Space of the Zurich University of the Arts, «REFRESH #4» will take place from November 10th to November 14th, 2021. Most of the speakers and masterclass leaders will be physically present on-site, while others will participate virtually via video conferencing tools. Under the title «New Realities: Design – Arts – Technology», REFRESH #4 (keynotes, masterclasses, lab insights, exhibition) brings together designers, artists, researchers and experts from Switzerland and abroad to anticipate possible futures for Design and the Arts. The fourth edition of the interdisciplinary festival REFRESH is devoted primarily to the topics «Immersive Journalism», «Immersive Play», «Digital Identities», «Digital Doubles» and «Techno-biological futures». All reflect the spirit of the times, questioning the role of designers and artists in an increasingly digitalized world and searching for a binding ethic in dealing with the flood of available data.

Head of REFRESH #4:
Maike Thies
Christian Iseli

Stephan Wespi

Visual Identity:
Patrik Ferrarelli

Corina Zuberbühler
Marijke Hogenboom
Prof. Hansuli Matter

Documentation of REFRESH #3 (2020).
Documentation of REFRESH #2 (2019).
Documentation of REFRESH #1 (2019).