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«Safe» is an immersive and interactive installation using augmented reality through a depth camera.

It is the interpretation of the ephemeral feeling of safety, the same feeling that would hit us, as children, when we were playing tag. This temporary impression that came to our senses when our feet left the ground in pre-determined areas made us feel, for a moment, untouchable. These spots, usually located high up, had the capacity to grant us, in this shamble of movements, a break time, a relief, a breathing. However even if it created a brief sense of security, we knew that we eventually will have to leave our spot.

Moreover, this eerie feeling also exists in virtual spaces, namely in video games. For example in older RPGs, in times where games did not save automatically the player’s progress, you had to achieve specific things to be able to have access to checkpoints. It was often located just moments before a big fight, so seeing a checkpoint felt both positive - finally, I’m safe - and negative - a trial awaits.

«Safe», inspired by this ambivalence, this paradox, is a transposition of this pending moment. It defines the boundaries of a space while abolishing the ones from our bodies. Like looking into a mirror, we face our own selves going to pieces, disintegrating. Everything becomes like ether. Elusive. Intangible. Safe.

Mélanie Courtinat


Immersive and interactive installation
Augmented Reality


Aktionsraum, level 5

«Safe» by Mélanie Courtinat.
«Safe» by Mélanie Courtinat.