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REFRESH conference of Zurich University of the Arts teamed up with Digital Festival to create a unique experience for the participants and keynote speakers of both events. The two events together transform Zurich West in the temporary home for digital artists, digital shapers, digital critics and -experts. It's the place where all these different spheres meet and collide. It's the must-be-date in Zurich when you're interested in the intersection of digital arts, design and technology. It's an outstanding opportunity to talk to creators, artists, scientists, programmers or CEO's in a chill atmosphere and gain insights into their latest projects.

From September 17th to September 20th, 2020, the Digital Festival unites digital makers in Zurich. Over the course of four days, the Digital Festival focusses on visionary thinkers. It brings pioneers, digital movers and shakers to Zurich, who challenge existing structures and think in new ways. At the Digital Festival, the international world of technology discusses the major topics of the digital future – always with regard to the challenges and opportunities for the Swiss economy and society.


Digital Festival