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Yasaman Sheri

Synthetic Ecologies

The notion of Life is defined and redefined with shifts in cultural narratives and emerging technologies. From inquiry into ecological awareness around climate change to making with life, artists and designers give shape and fresh new perspectives to the invisible things that make up our collective existence of life.

What are ways that we narrate and tell stories of ecology & living things? How does language affect our history and in turn our ways of seeing? This talk explores poetic inquiries and investigations in simulations of life, machine-generated Life forms, aesthetics of perception & biological sensing. By examining new processes and tools for exploring paths less crossed we strengthen the foundations for art’s critical inquiry and intervention in such spaces. The talk is an invitation to community and support artists and designers in the context of emerging biological technologies through integrating models for collaboration and new creative engagement with the sciences.

Yasaman Sheri is a Creative Director, Interface Designer and Researcher working with emerging technologies to explore possible and becoming futures. Her investigations focus on the interaction of humans, living things and machines, exploring many forms of sensing, synthetic biology, aesthetics of simulation, perception systems and augmentation of body, objects and ecologies.

Yasaman is Faculty at Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design (CIID) and previously professor and critic at the graduate industrial design program of Rhode Island School of Design. She has lead Core Interface Design for the first consumer-level Augmented Reality Operating System Head-Mounted Display: Microsoft Hololens & Windows Holographic. She’s also worked with NASA Ames Research Center, Art Center Collage, Toyota, Yeast Lab, Google (X), Ginkgo Bioworks, IKEA’s research & design studio SPACE10 and many more.

Currently, she is the Principal Investigator and founder of Synthetic Ecologies Lab at Serpentine Galleries R&D creating platforms, tools & spaces that support critical & artistic inquiry into Life Sciences. She is also Senior Director of Design, leading the Operating System & Platform teams at Magic Leap.

Keynote speaker:
Yasaman Sheri

November 11th, 2021
6:00 to 6:30 pm

Kino Toni, 3.G02
Zurich University of the Arts


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Portrait: Yasaman Sheri.
Portrait: Yasaman Sheri.
How will we remember Life? Machine generated LifeForm, from the GANscope Series, 2020 by Yasaman Sheri.
How will we remember Life? Machine generated LifeForm, from the GANscope Series, 2020 by Yasaman Sheri.